“Silly Rabbit, Easter’s for JESUS!” (:

I’m a little late on my Easter post! I had an amazing Easter and I hope you did too! I am so blessed.

Normally on Easter, my family will gather at my Grandma’s house and we will have a giant feast followed by an adorable Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids. This year, however, my Grandma was in the hospital due to a stroke, which is too soon after her hip surgery. A month ago she fell and broke her hip. Keep her in your prayers! So there was no chance of us all getting together for Easter. Each family separated to do their own celebrations. I worked a long 8-hour morning shift at the coffee house (not complaining! I was recently promoted to a shift leader and this fine morning I was able to open the store all by myself! Though not the first time). After work my Mom met me at the car shop so I could drop off my Buick (Gas line broke) and then we headed off to Family Fare to scout out our Easter supper! We had originally planned on my Dad grilling Barbeque Ribs but he was down with a very bad flu. He is still sick. 😦 As we searched the grocery store for a meal suitable enough to replace my Grandma’s famous feast we came across a small ham, mashed potatoes, and some honey butter biscuits. YUM! I realized how blessed I am that we can pull together such a fine meal so quickly here in this small town. It only pulled at my heart for Missions! I can’t wait for a few years from now, on Easter day, when I am able to not only share food and water with the helpless children of God, in who knows where (the needy are truly everywhere, I could have done something that day downtown, I do regret not doing so) but bringing them the hope and the truth that only Jesus Christ can bring!! Easter is such a touching day of remembrance. This year meant the most to me, and I hope each Easter I’m closer to Him than the year before. The Bible Series was on the History Channel and they had timed it out for the crucifixion and the Resurrection to be on Easter Sunday. I had to choke back some tears. Seriously. It was moving. I have never been more in love than I am right now. Thank you, Jesus, for dying for us! We don’t deserve you, yet you are so loving and compassionate. Father, thank you for the gift of life. Open our eyes to the hurt around us! Use us to minister! We are your disciples. Send us into the world.

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