Honey Buttermilk Cornbread& Chili

Finally finished Cold Tangerines and I was weeping by the last few pages. Life is such an amazing gift! We have so much to be thankful for and so much to rejoice about. Pray for God to change your perspective and He really will amaze you! When i’m living closer to God I laugh more often, smile every single day, dance in the kitchen, sing in my car, call up my friends, bake, cook, read, taste food for the first time, and hear the birds chirping from miles away! I become a whole new person when I’m no longer relying on my own strength. I never feel tired no matter how much sleep I get; endless energy without coffee (that’s just for the yummy taste). 😉 I always feel overwhelmed and filled with hope, love and joy. I know I am fearfully and wonderfully made by the One who loves me. The Divine has truly sewn me together by needle and thread and I live everyday allowing Him to mold me into the woman He has called me to be. Without God, I procrastinate, feel lazy and can sit for hours in front of the television filling my mind with garbage, but even worse, not growing. Not gaining knowledge, only memorizing lines from reruns and hundreds of things I have seen before. Something about being closer to God, having energy, makes me into a homemaker. Just today I read a book, baked, all from scratch, honey buttermilk cornbread, black bean chili and a chocolate pie. I’ve washed the laundry, folded it, vacuumed, cleaned up around the house. It feels so wonderful. I line up my accomplishments on the counter and let all the smells embrace me. I feel a sense of pride, that I can do all these things. But it very quickly turns to thankfulness. Thankfulness for easy accessibility to a store, to food, for a warm house, an oven, a working washing machine, dryer and fridge, for things I don’t need but have. Thankful for the library where I get my books, and for the couch I can relax on when the chores are done. Thankful for money, or rather God’s provision. Fresh water, and a warm bed. Sure there are still some crumbs on the floor and laundry to be put away, the weather is still an ice box. But I want to continue choosing to celebrate life! Live it to the fullest. I encourage you, when you are going through trials, or even if you’re just confused or bored, try laughing instead of crying, and smiling instead of giving up. The devil wants you to give up!! I always picture myself at a game of wits in a way with the devil, and when I am tempted with sin it makes it so much fun to smirk at the situation and say, “Oh, no you don’t. Not that easily. I am a woman of God, a child of the King. You really thought that THIS was going to pull me down? Try again. Better luck next time.”

Now i’m sitting on my couch waiting for my sister to get home from school to see her new earrings on the table I found for her in the clearance section and for my dad to get home from work to smell all this food I’ve prepared for dinner. My mom is gone for the weekend and I love spoiling my family with food and desserts. So excited to make his day after a long day of work. 🙂 🙂

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