English Breakfast Soy Tea Latte

I hate being indecisive. I am one of the worst mental debaters ever. Seriously. I’m at a coffee shop: “What kind of bagel would you like? You said a bagel right?” Paralysis sets in. I DO NOT KNOW WHAT I WANT. And for some reason, “Hey God, what do I want?” doesn’t exactly make a golden Angel appear saying, “Your taste buds and mood would be quite joyful today if you were to get a Honey Wheat as apposed  to the Asiago.” I depend on God for literally everything. But how cool would that be if He could decide everything for you? That’s what I was just thinking about and as I’m typing this out I realize not cool. If He told me what to do all the time wouldn’t I naturally want to rebel from the feeling of imprisonment? That’s what I may have done if it had been my earthly father constantly controlling my every move. God loves us so much that He has given us free will. Choices. How wonderful are choices? I should be thankful I have choices. That I even get food. That I have so many options! He loves us that much. Did He make one tree? One plant? One flower? One bird? One laugh? One face? One hair color? One eye color? No sir/ma’am, He did not. He is a Creator for crying out loud! And if you go a whole day with focusing on just that…I promise you, that you will become that much closer to the heart of our Maker. He is, oh, so many things. But my favorite, besides Healer, may possibly be Creator. I have always been very creative. And I love that about myself because it is the most prominent reflective piece of imagery of the Father Himself in my being. He is a Creator, and if I’m made in His image than I myself am a Creator! Mmm. So good. God you are so good.

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