Creme Brulee Soy Au Lait

Man. I am sore but, oh, so energized!! I have been doing a lot of full body toning exercises and continuing to eat all natural foods! For the most part. I have my splurge days on Apple Bee’s, Qdoba or Panera Bread every other week or so. 😉 I feel so focused in on life. I prayed a few weeks ago for God to renew my mind and keep my thoughts fixed on being active. No more procrastinating. I prayed completely against putting things off and in no time God had me believing that I really can do things instantly, longer, stay focused, say no to junk foods that hurt my body, say yes to things that are so good for me, and have more self control. I feel like I have more time when before I felt so busy and helpless. God really does give you strength; or whatever you ask for in confidence through prayer. Thank you, God!

For those of you who are wondering why I am working so hard to change my diet and exercise. For my family. For God. For me. I want to be an example for my family. I don’t want my sister to think I lost weight because I became anorexic or bulemic (I have a past of that, all part of my testimony), or any other girls who may look up to me to think that those played a factor in my weight loss. I have been cooking healthy meals for my entire family and filling our fridge with fresh fruits and veggies so we all feel better and live better. Also, our bodies are temples of God! We need to take care of ourselves (1 Corinthians 6:19,20)!! And lastly, for me. Because I am done procrastinating. Because I don’t want to be frail and small, but resemble a fierce warrior in God’s army. I want to be able to defend myself in this world. My body will not slow me down when my soul keeps on outgrowing it everyday. It is only a shell containing who I really am and I will push it to make the most use out of it to better this world. Thank you, God, for energy, patience, and perseverance. I am nothing without You.

Side note: I am STILL waiting on my acceptance letter for Christ For the Nations Institute. Called today and got no answer, and so I left a voicemail. No response. I’ll try again tomorrow. Sigh.

Love you all! God bless!

Bethany Lynn

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