Black Coffee

I haven’t been using much electronics in the past week or so. Sorry for the lack of updates! I have been spending a lot of quality time with my family, boating, fishing, reading and cooking, along with seeking God’s heart to new extremes. AND I GOT ACCEPTED INTO CFNI (Christ For the Nations Institute)!!

Since my note of acceptance God has placed three things on my heart. 1. To donate everything in my bedroom that will not fit in my 5 pc suitcase kit that will be going to Dallas, TX with me. Including my Grandma’s old books, which will be difficult for me, and a good deal of clothes and shoes.. I’m a girl. What can I say? &2. After reading through “Living A Year Like Jesus” by Ed Dobson, I will begin praying 4 Psalms in the morning, afternoon and evening, every single day. Along with reading through the Gospel every month. How can I be a Jesus follower and not know every detail of the gospel? I need to start “canning up peaches!” A Marilyn Hickey phrase meaning that when you read the bible, do devotions, go to church, etc, you are storing up information so you can “open up the jar” at anytime and share what you’ve learned at God’s perfect timing! &3. Become an ultimate prayer warrior. I am taking my prayer life to a new extreme. I have been challenged to a “12 Hours of Prayer” in which one simply prays for 12 hours straight, fasting, meditating, reading God’s word and praying.

I am so excited to grow closer to God during these 3 months before I leave for college!

I encourage others to join me in these challenges as well!Image

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