Personal Update: Agent SL

“This is Agent Snow Leopard, do you copy?”

“KKKKkkkkk!! Over!”

Fellow agents of the Jesus: I have donated and cleaned out a vast majority of my room. I have a few boxes of books that were my grandmother’s, in which I had struggled parting ways with, that are officially ready to be dropped off at the living center she resided in before her death. Many pieces of furniture and clothes have been removed from my house. The less I have, the fuller I feel. This is only our temporary home! And I will spend my future traveling, so material thing need to lose their value in my life!

Secondly, I have failed at praying 4 psalms each in the morning, afternoon and evening. BUT. I will try again.

Then there was of course the 12 hour prayer. I am planning this event for a few weeks from now since my schedule is full of camping trips and Hawaii, to see my brother who is serving in the army. I miss my brother so much. I have however done a 2 hour prayer last week and I am so excited to crank it to 12.

Alas, Texas is getting closer and my training for becoming a full time missionary is quickly transforming into a reality. I am so nervous and excited! I will however miss my friends. I actually wrote 30 letters and mailed them to people who have had such an enormous effect on my life up to this point. There’s some words of affirmation flying around! Haha Get filled up by God and release it into the world around you!

Man, my leg and abs are sore from working out. I want to be in top condition so my body won’t slow me down in my days of serving. I have been spending lots of time outside and out of the air conditioning because I know I need to get used to no coolant eventually.

All for His glory.

Love you all! Be blessed!

Bethany Lynn

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