Love Is In Zee Air

Been a while my lovelies! I have abandoned the internet for a few weeks due to my busy schedule. Alright chaps, just in:

I recently got to witness one of my best friends, since 3rd grade, marry her High School sweetheart. First time being a bridesmaid and I could barely keep from crying. The beautiful bride left shortly after the honeymoon to follow her Husband to Idaho, where he is stationed in the Air Force. Talk about a love story. These two are absolutely perfect for each other. I can’t imagine them with anybody else. There friendship has inspired me to hold out on relationships until i have found what they have, and settle for nothing less. I pray that their marriage be blessed!

Over the past week I have been on the Paleo diet. What’s that? Am i crazy? No! It’s not as hard as it sounds! And i feel so great! I am becoming one with my body! I plan on keeping it up for as long as I can and when I am done I will permanently remain at least 70% Paleo. Keeping a few dairy items and whole grains.

I have two weeks left of work and then vacation! After that it’s TEXAS TIME BABY. I am so nervous.

I’ll try and update more now! Muah! Be blessed!

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