Peach Tea

Well hellOOOOO sisters and brethren of Christ. I am all settled in at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX. I am already very comfortable here and have three great roommates and lots of amazing classes. Couldn’t be more excited for school to start Monday. I had an interesting experience flying for my first time, but the struggle came after I arrived at the DAL airport. My shuttle never showed up, and after calling three times and being told three times someone was on their way, I ended up with my first taxi experiment. Which would have been cool if the taxi would have went the right direction! I was terrified but I attempted to praise God the whole time. It’s a new feeling when you have absolutely nothing to rely on other then the trust of your Father. He got me where I needed to be and I am beyond blessed with all I have here already. We are staying in old motel rooms for dorms and they are nice but it’s still a humbling experience.. One of my roommates parents blessed us with kitchen appliances and WiFi! Praise God for their generosity. Orientations have been a blast, experienced an awesome retreat and got to do a lot of shopping for things that didn’t’ fit in my suitcases! Don’t know how I’m getting this stuff back home when the time comes. 

CFNI has a gymnasium, workout room, and pool! So I got a chance to run a couple miles on one of those babies. It hit me in the middle of it that my Pastor back home had ran on the same treadmills! Cool stuff man!

I can’t wait to begin the semester.

God bless you all!

Bethany Lynn


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