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The Padfold, For A Young Padawan

Day 5: Flats and Handwash Challenge

Topic: Technique, Performance: How you make it work for you.

At first i was intimidated by how big flats were and all the complicated folds out there. Then i tried the Padfold. It’s crazy quick and simple. Like.. if you didn’t know what you were doing and attempted to fold a flat to fit into a diaper on your’d probably end up with a padfold. Haha. Once the flat is folded you place it into the diaper cover and you’re all set!

Diaper covers are my favorite because, unless baby poops, you wipe it clean real quick and stick a new flat in! They are reusable shells so you dont need as many! Cheaper this way too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is the video that taught me padfolding:

That’s all for tonight!



My Handwash Routine

Day 4: Flats Handwash Challenge

Wash Routine

I have tried a few different things so far for the challenge and will share the easiest wash routine for me so far.

Do not underestimate the power of soaking!

If my son poops, BAM, it goes into a small bucket of water in tbe bathtub to soak until I wash my batch. After i spray the poop into the toilet first of course. It is so much easier to scrub out the poop stains this way.

At night when im ready to wash my daily batch (smaller batches are easier on the arms and hands) i fill the bathtub enough to submerge all diapers with cold water. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Then, i drain the tub and fill it up with warm water. I add a small amount of Gentle and Free Detergent and agitate the diapers as best i can. I do this by either stomping around the bathtub like a crazy person, plunging everything to death, or plunging each individual piece quite a few times. If there is stain spots i scrub the fabric against itself until it fades, plunge it some more directly over the spot and rub it against the textured bottom of the tub.

Then i drain the bathtub and fill it a bit one last time but with hot water. This is my rinse cycle. I just make sure i squeeze out all the detergent and water and then im all ready to hang them up!!

I’m looking forward to reading other blogs from the challenge and finding new ideas too!


Be blessed!


Don’t be blue, go GREEN: Eco-friendly Diapers and More

Flats and Handwash Challenge: Day 3

Today’s wash was the quickest and easiest so far! I figured out how to use the plunger more effectively without splashing detergent into my eye sockets. ๐Ÿ™‚ but anyways..

Want to know another thing i love about clothin’ it up??

Cloth diapers are eco-friendly.

Unless you’re buying Honest Co. or another more costly disposable brand of diapers promised to be biodegradable, then the vast majority are going into landfills.

Through cloth diapers i have also discovered many other eco-friendly options for things i use daily! Ive been driven to find more and more ways to help the environment. I love being green!!

For the past two years, me and my husband haven’t bought ziploc bags and we have used reusable containers instead. Until recently!! I discovered washable cloth snack bags!

Here is one of mine from that i use for my son’s snack pouch!


Planet Wise brand also sells the Large hanging wet/dry bag that i have in my sons room to place the dirty diapers in! No plastic trash bags necessary. I also have a small sized one for the diaper bag when I’m on the go.

I could keep going but I’ll stop there for now!

Stay green!!


Like $ in your Pocket (Diaper)!

Get it? Pocket diaper? No? Well that’s a type of cloth diaper.. with a pocket, umm.. Well, forget it! You can’t use those for this challenge anyways! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Flats and Handwash Challenge: Day 2

My Stash Costs

For my sons cloth diapering I am using:

18 Nickis Bamboo Flats- $59
10 Nickis Diaper Covers- $90
Plunger- $3
Reusable Gloves- $2
Planetwise Lg Hanging Wet/Dry bag- $30
Diaper Sprayer from Amazon- $10
Walmart Drying Rack- $9

Total cost: $203

These are the full prices and not how much i actually paid. I was given diapers as baby shower gifts and Nickis has constant sales, so i paid much less. However, instead of bamboo flats you could go cheaper with receiving blankets or old tshirts (who doesnt have these am i right??), or cotton flats or flour sack towels (6 pack for $5 at Walmart). I chose bamboo because my son is a heavy wetter and bamboo is great for that!

This stash is also enough for washing every 2-3 days. Seriously. For the challenge i am washing every night though. I do have Grovia Cloth Wipes, but im not using them for this challenge. You can get a 12pk for $10.95 and honestly, I prefer them to disposable wipes. One wipe for a poopy diaper rather than 3-6? Yes, please!!

Here is my drying rack! My arms are sore from today’s washing, but im getting the hang of it!


So as you can see, cloth diapering is extremely cheap and will save you so much money!!

Especially if you plan on having more than one child. Even still, if you have one or two you will still make money off of them by selling afterwards. Can’t sell disposables, can you? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I am so happy I never have to spend money on a box of diapers again!

Hope you’re encouraged. Be blessed!


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Scrub-a-dub-dub! Handwashing Cloth Diapers

Flats and Handwash Challenge: Day 1

What is the challenge?

The handwash challenge is to spreadย  awareness that there is an affordable way to diaper your children, whether you have a washer/dryer or not! Handwashing is easier than you think and will save you SO much money.


Why am I doing the challenge?

For two reasons.

First of all, in the next season of our life we will be moving to a place with no washer/dryer options for cloth diapers, besides handwashing or shared laundry machines with a lot of people. With shared machines who knows if bleach or something harmful to your diapers has been used before your load?? Not to mention the quarters situation.. Simple solution: handwash!

Second of all, my husband works hard. I hate the thought of a huge chunk of his money going to disposable diapers and wipes. No one should have to choose between bills, diapers or food. Money gets tight. Cloth diapering is so affordable. It takes stress out of our marriage. I’ve spent maybe $150-200 on all of my bamboo flats, cotton prefolds, diaper covers and snappis, etc! Over a period of time of course, and that is for my two boys. Yes, it is even doable with two kids!ย  You can make it cheaper and use old cut up tshirts or fold up receiving blankets too, but flats and diaper covers are already the cheapest and fastest drying diaper solution.

Here is my stash for the challenge! Bamboo flats (padfolded and ready to go!) and Nickis Diaper Covers (Minus the Blue Razz Houndstooth on the bum of my 1 yr old).



I am doing this challenge to learn the easiest and most efficient ways to handwash my diapers and to save money for my family.

I hope through this you will feel empowered and confident to step into the cloth diaper world too!