Don’t be blue, go GREEN: Eco-friendly Diapers and More

Flats and Handwash Challenge: Day 3

Today’s wash was the quickest and easiest so far! I figured out how to use the plunger more effectively without splashing detergent into my eye sockets. 🙂 but anyways..

Want to know another thing i love about clothin’ it up??

Cloth diapers are eco-friendly.

Unless you’re buying Honest Co. or another more costly disposable brand of diapers promised to be biodegradable, then the vast majority are going into landfills.

Through cloth diapers i have also discovered many other eco-friendly options for things i use daily! Ive been driven to find more and more ways to help the environment. I love being green!!

For the past two years, me and my husband haven’t bought ziploc bags and we have used reusable containers instead. Until recently!! I discovered washable cloth snack bags!

Here is one of mine from that i use for my son’s snack pouch!


Planet Wise brand also sells the Large hanging wet/dry bag that i have in my sons room to place the dirty diapers in! No plastic trash bags necessary. I also have a small sized one for the diaper bag when I’m on the go.

I could keep going but I’ll stop there for now!

Stay green!!



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