My Handwash Routine

Day 4: Flats Handwash Challenge

Wash Routine

I have tried a few different things so far for the challenge and will share the easiest wash routine for me so far.

Do not underestimate the power of soaking!

If my son poops, BAM, it goes into a small bucket of water in tbe bathtub to soak until I wash my batch. After i spray the poop into the toilet first of course. It is so much easier to scrub out the poop stains this way.

At night when im ready to wash my daily batch (smaller batches are easier on the arms and hands) i fill the bathtub enough to submerge all diapers with cold water. Soak for at least 30 minutes. Then, i drain the tub and fill it up with warm water. I add a small amount of Gentle and Free Detergent and agitate the diapers as best i can. I do this by either stomping around the bathtub like a crazy person, plunging everything to death, or plunging each individual piece quite a few times. If there is stain spots i scrub the fabric against itself until it fades, plunge it some more directly over the spot and rub it against the textured bottom of the tub.

Then i drain the bathtub and fill it a bit one last time but with hot water. This is my rinse cycle. I just make sure i squeeze out all the detergent and water and then im all ready to hang them up!!

I’m looking forward to reading other blogs from the challenge and finding new ideas too!


Be blessed!



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