The Padfold, For A Young Padawan

Day 5: Flats and Handwash Challenge

Topic: Technique, Performance: How you make it work for you.

At first i was intimidated by how big flats were and all the complicated folds out there. Then i tried the Padfold. It’s crazy quick and simple. Like.. if you didn’t know what you were doing and attempted to fold a flat to fit into a diaper on your’d probably end up with a padfold. Haha. Once the flat is folded you place it into the diaper cover and you’re all set!

Diaper covers are my favorite because, unless baby poops, you wipe it clean real quick and stick a new flat in! They are reusable shells so you dont need as many! Cheaper this way too. 🙂

Here is the video that taught me padfolding:

That’s all for tonight!



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