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Like $ in your Pocket (Diaper)!

Get it? Pocket diaper? No? Well that’s a type of cloth diaper.. with a pocket, umm.. Well, forget it! You can’t use those for this challenge anyways! 😉

Flats and Handwash Challenge: Day 2

My Stash Costs

For my sons cloth diapering I am using:

18 Nickis Bamboo Flats- $59
10 Nickis Diaper Covers- $90
Plunger- $3
Reusable Gloves- $2
Planetwise Lg Hanging Wet/Dry bag- $30
Diaper Sprayer from Amazon- $10
Walmart Drying Rack- $9

Total cost: $203

These are the full prices and not how much i actually paid. I was given diapers as baby shower gifts and Nickis has constant sales, so i paid much less. However, instead of bamboo flats you could go cheaper with receiving blankets or old tshirts (who doesnt have these am i right??), or cotton flats or flour sack towels (6 pack for $5 at Walmart). I chose bamboo because my son is a heavy wetter and bamboo is great for that!

This stash is also enough for washing every 2-3 days. Seriously. For the challenge i am washing every night though. I do have Grovia Cloth Wipes, but im not using them for this challenge. You can get a 12pk for $10.95 and honestly, I prefer them to disposable wipes. One wipe for a poopy diaper rather than 3-6? Yes, please!!

Here is my drying rack! My arms are sore from today’s washing, but im getting the hang of it!


So as you can see, cloth diapering is extremely cheap and will save you so much money!!

Especially if you plan on having more than one child. Even still, if you have one or two you will still make money off of them by selling afterwards. Can’t sell disposables, can you? 😉

I am so happy I never have to spend money on a box of diapers again!

Hope you’re encouraged. Be blessed!


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